Motors and Valves Should Be Replaced Over Time

Hire us for motor and valve repairs in the St. Petersburg, FL area

For all of your pool systems to work properly, you need to make sure the motor and all of the valves are working in sync. The motor provides power to the pool valves, and together, they control the flow and pressure of water. Trust Aqua Wizard Pool Service for motor and valve repairs in St. Petersburg, FL.

We recommend regular motor and valve replacements, but we can rebuild and repair them as well. For a clean, functional pool, these are essential pool repairs. Ask us about a free estimate for service today.

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If you don't have regular maintenance performed, there are common signs that can let you know that it's time to get motor and valve repairs. Reach out if you notice:

  • Rumbling sounds
  • Screeching noises
  • Excessive bubbles in the water
  • Suction in the water

If your motor or valves are older than 12 years old, they're likely going to need to be replaced soon. Plus, making sure your motor and valves work correctly can save you time and money on other expensive pool repairs.