We have been using Aqua Wizard weekly for our pool for more than a year and give them our highest, unqualified recommendation. They are thoroughly professional, responsible and always there in a timely fashion. If they feel it's necessary, they sometimes do little extra things that speak to their conscientious approach to their work. Our pool always looks great after they've finished and never smells strongly of chemicals. We also appreciate their easy online billing procedure, and easy accessibility by phone whenever we've had questions about pool repair and equipment. Can't recommend them highly enough!

Gretchen Warren

My old pool service technician was not experienced with the mechanics of the pool and I frequently had to pay extra for a specialist to come out to fix minor problems. I was so pleased to hear that Aqua Wizard's "pool guys' are well versed in everything associated with my pool! They stepped right in and fixed a "low flow" problem with the pump and the pool has been crystal clear and lovely since we engaged them for service. In addition, they provide their own chems which actually made by weekly pool service cheaper than my old service! I am a delighted client and I recommend them highly.

Cindy Reddaway

After trying several different services with less than satisfactory results, we found Aqua Wizard on Angies List and wow what a difference. We had to get set up while on a trip because the pool needed service NOW. Called Mark and set it all up over the phone. His team was right on it and we could not be more satisfied. They go above and beyond - I actually had to request they charge for the extra services. Aqua Wizard gets our 100% endorsement.

Peter Cammick

Mark has always been very responsive, professional, and honorable. It was because of Mark's professionalism and integrity that we chose Aqua Wizard for ongoing maintenance of our pool. While Mark is the only person we've had contact with, a member of his team comes out once a week to take care of the chemicals, brush the walls, & handle a monthly vacuuming. In the past 2 years, we've never actually seen Aqua Wizard do what they do, but we always know they've come by, thanks to door hangers that recap what was done during the visit. Great service, excellent communication, exceptional professionalism - I can't recommend Aqua Wizard Pool Service enough.

Charles Wright

We started using Aqua Wizard pool service about a year ago and absolutely love them !!! They are very professional and courteous and always do what they say they will. We would highly recommend them to anybody without hesitation.

Larry Vassileff

I have been using Aqua Wizard since June. Mark is very professional and the pool looks great! I'm very satisfied with the service and would recommend to anyone.

Ankit Parikh

I called Aqua Wizard Pool Service on a Friday morning in a panic as my pool was losing water rapidly due to a leaky filter tank. Although it was distressing at the time, Mark Rooney said that the leaky old sand filter was actually a cloud with a silver lining as a new cartridge filter would greatly improve the clarity of the water. He was right! The pool is looking better than I've seen it in a long while; it's much more clear and sparkly.

The service was most outstanding as well. With the weekend coming, I didn't expect to be able to schedule service until the following week. I couldn't help but imagine that by then, the pool would be half-empty if I ran the pump, or it'd be green and stagnant and mosquito infested if I didn't! Not only did Mark agree to send a technician way outside of his normal service area - he did so on that very day! Moses found a suitable filter, picked it up and had it installed before I knew it. And he did it in the rain, too!

Bonnie Gannon

The Aqua Wizard service team has been tending to our home's pool and hot tub since October 2008...The service techs at Aqua Wizards have been able to keep both our pools clean and clear.

Never have they missed a weekly appointment and always a great experience when we happen to be home and the service comes thru. This is not a fly by night operation...

Our experience has been one of ease. With so many issues to work thru in a new home, our pool has not been one. The service could not be better.

Gregory Barow

St Petersburg, FL

Excellent service! I have been using this company for quite awhile and I hey are on time and the pool always looks great.

Jon Williams

Pool sparkles, and the technician is on top of every aspect of pool maintenance.

Vicki Smith

Aqua Wizard Pool Service has been cleaning my pool for over 5 years and always do a great job. They are best pool service in Florida. Pool Techs are well trained professionals that leave me a tag every visit so I know what services are being done to my pool. Highly recommend to anyone looking for excellent pool service and customer service.

Christian Stevens

Very trust worthy company, and they do a very good job! Five Star Company!

Sheryl Warren

Only a fool would choose another pool service. Aqua Wizard is very professional, thorough, and trust worthy. Five star work, from a five star company!!! <3

Heather Rehka

Aqua wizard is a wonderful pool service and I HIGHLY recommend it!! Thumbs up for sure!

Eliska Ivana

I have used Aqua Wizard for years and have had no problems. Recently the man who cleans my pool noticed my front door was wide open, rather then just walking away he went and got a neighbor who then called the police to be safe. Nothing was wrong and the police locked the door. I commend his caring attitude! Thank you again

Joseph D. Kelly

You are doing a great job! Thank You

Cathy W

Aqua Wizard is a great pool service. Very dependable and they do a great job. If and when necessary they also can do maintenance on the pool equipment.

Janice R

Excellent and quality service always.........

Bailey, Debra & Arnold, Jean

I have had so many aweful pool service companies that have lacked professionalism and knowledge. They didn't even care when my pool turned green on an up coming holiday weekend. I have been very pleased with Aqua Wizard with there promptness and knowledge

Patti Sandridge

Aqua Wizard pool service is a breath of fresh air as I have had terrible experience with many pool companies. Mark and his staff are very professional and helpful and I would highly recommend them.

James Marshall

Brian always has done an outstanding job keeping the pool clean. I would recommend them unconditionally.


Weekly pool service plus installation of a new salt chlorine

Mark and his team are really great. Our first tech was good but short-lived, and ever since we've had the same guy (Mike) for the past two months. Pool is crystal clear and Mike takes care of whatever is needed, leave a card on the door stating what he did. A few minor billing snafus, but Mark was very responsive to fixing those.


Aqua Wizard Pool Service has been cleaning my pool over 5 years and always do a great job. They are the best Pool Service in Florida. Pool Techs are well trained professionals that leave me a tag every visit so I know what services are being done to my pool. Highly recommend to anyone looking for excellent pool service and customer service.